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Emailed report shows your image and describes your flood zone.

* Easy and Instant * Satellite view * Zoom in close * Move the red cross hair to the structure. This determines the flood zone.
Order a Flood Zone Report right now!The cost per lookup is $7.50 per property address or contact us for volume pricing with a subscription.


  • Create a Flood Zone Report to determine your risk
  • Consulting to reduce your premiums and Dispute a lender's mandate

How do I get a flood zone report?
How do I get consulting help?


  • Determine flood zones for your loan portfolio
  • Monitor your portfolio for flood map and flood zone changes

How do I get zones for my portfolio?
How do I monitor my portfolio?


  • Agency branded website to get flood zone reports and quotes
  • Send Flood Zone Report with quotes to your clients
  • Lookup flood zones for all your insured's properties
  • Monitor properties for flood zone changes

Floodbroker for Agents
Flood Zone Reports
Bulk Zone Look-ups
Flood Zone Monitoring


  • Easily generate realtime flood quotes
  • Correlate flood zone and water back up claims using bulk look-ups
  • Differentiate water back up rates by flood zone using bulk look-ups
  • Monitor properties for flood zone changes

Online Flood Insurance Quotes
Consulting for Flood Issues
Bulk Zone Look-ups
Flood Zone Monitoring
Here is a sample of a Flood Zone Report

The core of is a mapping database that gets daily flood zone maps from FEMA and a database of flood insurance rates.

We use this data to provide flood zone determinations, flood zone reports and flood insurance quotes to a wide range of customers including Insurance Agents, Mortgage Lenders, Real Estate Agents, Home Owners, and Insurance Companies. can do the following for any property that is digitally mapped by FEMA:

  • Find the flood zone for any digitally mapped property
  • Create a flood zone report for any property
  • Do BULK flood zone look-ups for a list of addresses
  • Monitor a list of addresses for FEMA flood zone changes
  • Get an estimate for flood insurance

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Listing Realtors

Gain the Advantage
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Here's what our customers are saying:

FloodBroker makes it so easy to see the flood zone. I can make copies of this Flood Zone Report for all my listings, to show the potential buyers.
Realtor Steven Wolcott
The requirement for flood insurance severely affects the market value. I want to see and know for myself if that’s going to be a problem.
Realtor Joanne Simme-Good
I withdrew my purchase offer when I found my starter home was in the flood zone, and the seller wouldn’t drop the asking price. I wish I had known upfront.
Potential Buyer Kim M